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Anarchy in your pocket Port:19132 (lobby) (Vanilla) (vanilla + Anti-Cheat) (pure carnage)
Available on Android, IOS and Windows 10

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About IGN:

Infinite Games is a network of game servers which has NO Rules,NO staff and encourages complete anarchy. Here you are free to do whatever you want, from Building - Griefing - Hacking and PVP.
Anything is allowed as long as it doesn't compromise server performance.
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Server Details

Connection Info Port:19132 (lobby) (Vanilla) (vanilla + Anti-Cheat) (pure carnage)
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IGN is hosted on a Dedicated Linux based server running NukkitX and is hosted at a professional data center with 99.99% up time on a low latency fiber gigabit network.

Overkill on the resources

One of our techs accidentally went a bit overboard and we currently have more RAM and storage than you can cram up your ***. We decided we're not going to apologize for this oversight. The tech has been promoted.

Actual pic from the main datacenter

Actual pic from our datacenter

What They Say About IGN